Telehealth creates beautiful, seamless telehealth experiences for our native app projects.

We know what it takes to deliver powerful yet quick and intuitive video apps to our clients.

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Services Offered:

Detailed Profiles, Location Services, Booking Appointments, Taking Payments, Service Providers


iOS, Android

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  • Telehealth for both the medical and patient side.
  • Beautiful interfaces and user experiences.
  • Complete booking and scheduling features.
  • Camera access - app users can upload photos from their photo albums!
  • App users can update and modify their profiles!
  • Other features can include chat, private messages, push notifications, and more!

Make your telehealth app our next featured case study.

We know what it takes to be an outstanding service partner for telehealth apps - because we solve pain points for our clients and their audiences. We know all the right moves to position a new telehealth app on the app stores to increase revenue, reduce costs, and boost audience growth.

We are here every step of the way - hundreds of clients agree, we are the telehealth app company to look up.

From wireframes to design mockups, from content to test apps, from launch day to marketing, we do it all - so that you can grow your vision from idea to reality.

How it Works

We want to start with a conversation with your team. We will find out exactly which features to plan for in your telehealth app.

Next, we will put together a comprehensive proposal with a free design mockup to show off our design chops and attention to detail.

Your free design will depend on the features we discuss on the phone with you:

  • Video calls for doctors looks a lot different than video calls for hair stylists - we want to do a deeper dive into the user experience you need for your audiences!
  • We will want to know how your users will interact with the app - through appointments, 24/7 live chat, etc.
  • We offer payments through the app, live chat and private messages, push notifications, location services, service-matching features with profiles, and so much more - let's talk to find out exactly what is right for your app.

Detailed Profiles

Find patients and doctors with necessary information.


Patients can find and book appointments with nearby doctors or care providers by utilizing location services.


Quickly and easily book appointments within the app.


Accept payments for sessions in the convenience of the app.


Find who you need and what you need with our service matching search.

Telehealth apps that make sense - under budget, in record time, & top notch.

Anyone in health care can leverage the convenience and connectedness of a telehealth app, and we've dealt with them all already.

Put our experience and team to work to benefit you - we build the highest quality telehealth apps out there, because we've been in the business for years.

High quality telehealth apps take time, are expensive, and can be a headache - but not with us. We do all the heavy lifting, under budget, on time, and without the burden of reinventing the wheel.

We know what it takes to make a successful telehealth app.

Let us build yours, scroll down to reach out!

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